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Mirra Chair – The Environmentally Friendly Task Chair
Following years of development Mirra is a breakthrough chair with ergonomic innovations in function and is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.
The Mirra operator chair offers a “best in class” performance in the mid to high end task chair sector. The Herman Miller chair sets a new ergonomic standard and offers performance with value.
The Herman Miller Mirra task chair was named because it mirrors the users natural movement, pivoting at the ankle, knee and hip.
The Mirra Chair Facts:
  1. Mirra offers a breakthrough combination of passive and active adjustments
  2. Mirra advances the science of ergonomic seating with several performance innovations that no other task chair in its price range offer
  3. Mirra is the first Herman Miller chair to be designed in accordance with the Design for Environment process
  4. With one chair size, Mirra fits a wide range of users covering 95% of the population
  5. Mirra replaces foam and fabric with the pliable and elastic TriFlex™ back and the self-contouring  AireWeave™  seat suspension. This allows natural movement and fits a wide range of users without adjustment
  6. The Harmonic™  tilt creates pivot points at the hip, knee and ankle for more natural motion
  7. The tilt geometry automatically adjusts the recline resistance to support balanced movement with minimal effort for all user sizes
  8. Mirra’s FlexFront™  seat edge allows seat-depth adjustment without moving the seat pan
  9. Mirra is a cross-performance task chair, supporting task-intensive, multi-task and general office work
  10. Mirra is colourful, designed to complement a broad range of environments with a fresh and functional look
Download our PDF Mirra full specification here

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