NEW tables for 2012

Multipurpose tables

Swing Out Tables
Swing out tables are designed to "swing" together to reduce the overall footprint  when not being used or when be stored.

Swing out tables are available with mobile (castors) or static legs and are 2000mm in diameter.

Doc Tables

These circular and lozenge shape tables are designed with a crescent scoop top which enables the tables to be "docked" together to form fluid configurations or used independantly. Doc tables are supplied with a fully welded frame for strength and stability and can be supplied with mobile (castors) or static legs.

Segment Tables
Mobile Segment tables are perfect for a flexible and adaptive workspace. Each segment table can be used idependantly or configured together to make a run of tables or cluster. These segment tables are deceptively strong and robust available with either fixed or tilt top (a space saving feature designed to nest together when top tilted and stored).

Segment Table PDF catalogue

Plectra Tables
Plectra tables are available with either a fully welded tubular steel frame or boxed-panel supports. Additionally these tables can be supplied with a central cable port or a mobile 3 leg frame.

All tables are available in royal oak, light beech, beech, black, elm, grey, midnight ash, silver, walnut, apple, ash, maple, white or pastel shades.

The metal work is finished in Black, grey, silver or white.

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